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The new concept in Travel accommodation.

Make money and friends with a guest room!

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Find a place to stay and make a friend!



Welcome to Special Travel Services, your gateway to a Personalized Travel Experience. We've created a Unique Accommodation Platform that emphasizes Personal Contact and Companionship. We're not just another travel site; we offer an Authentic Local Encounter with a twist.

We at SpecialTravelServices.com provide homeowners (our esteemed Hosts) the opportunity to list their property online (our unique Offering). Visitors can browse these offerings for a small one-time onboarding fee of $25 (USD), while Hosts can maintain their listings for just $125 (USD) per year.

Friends together Imagine arriving in a foreign country and being greeted with, "YOU ARE VERY WELCOME IN MY HOME!" This Warm Welcome is the signature of a Special Travel Services Host. Our hosts go above and beyond to ensure that visitors feel like they've found a new friend in a foreign land.

Our platform is about more than just accommodation. It's about Cultural Immersion and Host-guided Exploration. As a Special Travel Services Host, you're not just providing a place to stay, but also sharing Local Knowledge, customs, and traditions that give visitors an In-depth Destination Insight.

We connect travelers to passionate locals who are eager to share their love for their city. By staying with a Special Travel Services Host, you can Live Like a Local and Connect with Locals in a way you never thought possible.

Tired of the typical tourist experience? Our platform offers a Non-touristy Experience and helps you Discover Hidden Gems of the city. With us, you can say goodbye to the tourist blur and hello to an Unforgettable Adventure.

Special Travel Services allows you to immerse yourself in your destination like never before. We offer more than just a place to stay; we offer a Friend-making Journey and a chance to share in Shared Traditions and Customs.

So next time you plan your travel, consider living like a local with SpecialTravelServices.com – because Real Experience comes from Real People.

MF Friends together Special Travel Services EXPLAINED

Both the Host & Visitor must be registered with SpecialTravelServices.com

Hosts list their property and "the experience" they are offering so Visitors may view and make a choice. When a Visitor makes a selection their profile is made available to the host in an anonymous format, meaning their name and contact details are not shown at this time. The host must feel that they would like the person in their home, and only when they confirm acceptance can the Visitor and Host make direct contact to make arrangements.

We do not discriminate! All are welcome from devout churchgoers to lifestylers, and our system allows for profile information that will assure that Host and Visitor are compatible. Although aimed at single people we would allow you to register and say in your profile that you are a couple.

specialtravelservices.com is a unique platform that connects travellers with local hosts who offer a more personalized and authentic stay experience. Unlike its competitors, Homestay.com and Airbnb.com, specialtravelservices.com charges a flat fee of $125 per year from the host. The $25 one-time onboarding charged to visitors is significantly lower than the 14 - 15% fees charged by Homestay.com and Airbnb.com.

specialtravelservices.com is a platform that offers a win-win situation for both hosts and visitors. With its affordable pricing model and focus on cultural immersion, friendship and companionship it provides a unique and wonderfully real experience that is unmatched by traditional accommodation options. Whether you are a host looking to meet new people or a traveller looking for an immersive travel experience, specialtravelservices.com is definitely worth considering.

Another MF Friends together INFORMATION THAT WE NEED - AND WHY

You will either be welcoming and stranger into your home or be going to spend a few days or more with someone unknown to you so we need to get it as right as we can.

Although we are not interested in your Politics, Religion, Abortion, LGBTQ2S+ we must ask you because you need to know that you will have synergy and not be in conflict with each other. We encourage you to post a recent photograph of yourself and when it comes to filling in the short bio make it as long and comprehensive as you can.





In Movies and TV, we are presented with beautiful almost surreal surroundings such as

paris apt

Haussmann apartments in Paris, everyone in TV series seems to have one!

english cottage

Idyllic English country villages, where many fictitious murders occur!

french chateua

A Chateau in France. How much decadence here?

english manor house

With the Lord of the Manor in the English countryside

waterside cottage

Maybe a remote waterside cottage?

These are places not available as a tourist but could well be where the specialtravelservices.com host lives. You could choose to stay in rural England and probably visit the local pub with your host and mix with other local people in their territory in a way you could not do as a tourist.

In Paris you might well be a visitor in a beautiful apartment in the 16th arrondissement which is home to foreign embassies and renowned museums, including the Foundation Louis Vuitton and the Palais de Tokyo with its contemporary art. Hilly Passy, home to the city's wealthiest residents, features trendy restaurants and the Maison de Balzac, a house museum where the novelist once lived. Families head to the Bois de Boulogne for its boating lakes and kids theme park.

Wherever your destination with specialtravelservices.com you will stay in someone's home as if you were a visiting friend. Your host will include you in many activities and share with you their intimate knowledge of their region. This will involve taking you to places that are known and frequented by locals rather than by tourists. This provides a much more intimate experience and will ultimately leave you feeling that you have not only visited a place but learned about its culture and understood the ambience. You will take home memories that are totally different from those of a regular tourist.


Because we are very aware of Privacy concerns and the very strong laws governing websites the way we handle information is in compliance with the world's strictest privacy Regulation (EU) 679/2016.



Your safety and security are of the upmost importance, not only do we need to know that the hosts and visitors are genuine - so do you.

So that we know the identity and address the registration process requires that both identity and address are verified. This is done compliant with GDPR, SOC2 type II, ISO 27001, and WCAG Accessibility Guidelines.

After registering we require that the Verification process is completed.

The information we have is never shared with anyone. We have our own proprietary technology for storing data where all the information is broken down into encrypted data packets and stored in multiple different data tables. Only we can extract this data!

EXCEPTION! In the event of a crime we will provide information to law enforcement.


Because of time differences we do not publish our telephone number but we will call you if you click


and message us to call you.


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